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Cleaning solar panels by robot

A robot that cleans solar panels is not science fiction. There are few of them around, but they do indeed exist.

‘ Our robot is unique in the BENELUX ’

It's impossible to imagine life today without robots in many facets of modern society. There are obviously very good reasons for this:

  • Robots do exactly what is expected of them,
  • they have no fear of heights,
  • they do not get tired,
  • they love monotonous work,
  • they can reach the remotest of places,
  • and they work highly meticulously.

Our robot offers a solution to all the above challenges with which the solar panel cleaning sector has been wrestling for years.

Robot specially developed to clean solar panels

Solar panels are expensive and delicate. Account was obviously also taken of this with the development of the cleaning robot.

‘ The GEKKO robot certainly lives up to its name: firmly attached, but also fast and mobile ’
  • The robot uses sensors to recognise the size of each PV installation
  • Its innovative operation and “walk and attach” technology ensure very firm attachment to the surface. Our robot can clean roof slopes to 47 degrees
  • With the innovative technique of the rotating brush and robot, the same pressure is always exerted on the surface to be cleaned. The result? Solar panels that are completely clean.
  • The robot also moves quite quickly over the solar panel surface to be cleaned. In ideal circumstances it can clean 400 m2 of solar panels per hour.

Cleaning industrial and agricultural PV roof installations

PV installations on roofs of offices, factories and animal housings are more difficult to reach. This is why we use an automated aerial lift.

‘ No one has to actually go up onto your roof ’
  • We put the GEKKO robot safely on your roof with the automated aerial lift.
  • We operate the robot by remote control from the cab.
  • Finished cleaning? We bring the robot back down. Our staff never have to go up onto your roof during the whole procedure.
  • The visual inspection of your PV installation takes place during cleaning

Cleaning agricultural PV installations

PV installations in agricultural areas are exposed to intensive soiling.
Various weather influences and deposits of dirt, dust particles, pesticides, bird droppings, etc. can cause problems for your PV installation. Examples here include damaged hotspots.

It is recommended to have all panels in PV installations cleaned at least once a year. 

‘ The robot is also completely at home out in the field’

The best agent to clean solar panels? Osmosis water

Solarglanzz only cleans solar panels with osmosis water. Osmosis water is obtained by means of various filtrations processes. Contaminants caused by bacteria, calcium, chlorine, salts and metals are filtered out here

Osmosis water offers numerous advantages:

  • environmentally friendly
  • contains no chemical by-products
  • faster absorption of dirt particles
  • a clear and smear-free surface after cleaning

Solarglanzz: the best of three worlds

The unique combination of our automated aerial lift, robot and cleaning with osmosis water ensures the best result for your PV installation:

  • Safe
  • Fast
  • Efficient
  • Environmentally friendly