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Cleaning solar panels - how you should (not) do it.

Cleaning solar panels is a skill in itself. As the owner of an industrial or agricultural PV installation or solar array, it is certainly best to call in a professional service provider such as Solarglanzz.

We indeed have the know-how and the very latest technologies to clean your PV panels skilfully, quickly and in line with occupational health and safety requirements.

The traditional way of washing solar panels: by hand

Many professional cleaning companies still offer the traditional way of cleaning even large PV installations: by hand with a telescopic brush.

Until recently this method was the only option.

‘Half cleaning your solar panels is not necessarily better than not cleaning them at all’

For cleaning private PV installations this is still the best option to this day, but for large PV installations the method has a whole lot of disadvantages. We will mention the most important four.

Having PV installations in arrays manually cleaned: Four big disadvantages

1. Too high/low pressure during cleaning

The pressure one manually exerts with a brush on the solar panel surface is not always equal. With too high pressure the panels can be damaged in the worst case. If the pressure on the other hand is too low, the surface will not be thoroughly cleaned.

 ' Our robot cleans solar panel surface areas equally '

2. It is not possible to manually clean the whole solar panel surface

Solar panels assembled at a certain height have corners and sides that are difficult to reach. This is often difficult work even with a telescopic brush.

' Our cleaning robot reaches the smallest corners and sides of your solar panels '

3. People become tired and make mistakes

The total surface areas of PV installations in the agricultural and industrial sector are very large. The whole job often takes many hours and sometimes days. A high level of concentration is needed to thoroughly and efficiently carry out the cleaning work. And that is obviously easier said than done.

Then there is always a likelihood of human error:

  • panel surface areas are cleaned less well
  • a wrong or sudden movement can cause scratches
‘ Only our machine can work with concentration on cleaning solar panels for hours on end ’

4. Manually cleaning solar panels is not always safe

When cleaning solar panels there are two important aspects as regards safety: your installation and the lives of the cleaning team.

Safety of your PV installation
As mentioned above, manually cleaning entails a potential risk. Your valuable installation can be accidently damaged by human error.

The safety of the cleaning team
When people clean your panels they often work in dangerous circumstances. There is particularly a risk of accidents when the panels are installed on a roof or at a certain height.

‘ Our aerial lift takes the robot up - we do not physically touch your installation ’

Conclusion: cleaning solar arrays is best not done manually

It is not wise to have the solar panels in your agricultural or industrial PV installation cleaned by hand. Solarglanzz offers you a faster, safer and more reliable alternative.

Take a look at our modern, robotised solution and discover the many advantages of our approach for you and your array now.